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In addition to fighting for important environmental issues, NMF operates several unique function rooms that will set a very special setting around your company, whether it is big anniversaries such as confirmations and weddings, or courses and conferences. We run these places to show that it is possible to make this a little more environmentally friendly and to create a surplus for more independent environmental work.

We also depend on support from members to be able to carry out environmental matters and with your membership you can help make a big difference. All our supporting members get a 15 % discount at Luden Selskapslokaler, beautiful Seletun Miljøhotell, MS Miljødroningen and Miljømarked.

Contact us for your next company or conference, and feel free to become a member today.

Luden Company premises

Luden Selskapslokale is a rustic and historic venue dating back to the 18th century that offers a unique atmosphere. With its distinctive character and facilities, Luden is an excellent place for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, company gatherings, confirmations, courses and conferences, breakfast meetings, etc.

Skuteviksboder 24, 5035 Bergen
Telephone: 91 91 20 15
Web: Luden Company premises

Seletun Environmental Hotel

Seletun Miljøhotell is perhaps Europe's most environmentally friendly activity center and function room. Here you will find, among other things, a stage with an amphitheater, fully equipped courses and a conference hall, meeting rooms, a barbecue hut, a campfire, canoeing, a fireplace lounge with a bar, an arrow and archery range, log cabins, a bridal house and a jetty with a sandy beach.

Engevikvegen 130, 5229 Kalandseidet
Mobile phone: 91 91 20 15
Phase telephone: 55 92 69 50
Web: Seletun Environmental Hotel

M/S Miljødroningen

M/S Miljødroningen is a modern equipped and certified research and conference vessel. The ship is used as a course, conference and research ship with many good and special facilities.

Skuteviksboder 24, 5035 Bergen
Mailing address:
PO Box 593, 5806 Bergen
Captain: Kurt Pedersen
Telephone: 55 30 67 00 / 90 95 28 09
Company No. 978 686 990
Web: M/S Miljødroningen

Environmental market

Miljømarked is the association's shop for the sale of used objects and building materials. The concept is based on people and companies donating usable items which they will nevertheless throw away, but which are also usable. The profit from the business goes to carry out other environmental protection work within the Swedish Environmental Protection Association.

Opening hours:
10.00 – 16.30, lørdager 11.00 – 15.00
Professor Hansteens gate 55
Telephone: 55 32 78 66
Web: Environmental market