Geothermal energy

Scientists all over the world are actively working to find more efficient, cleaner and renewable energy sources. There is a spring right under our feet. A source that can replace all other forms of energy production in the world.

Deep geothermal heat can be used to heat water or other liquids that can be used to generate electricity via a steam turbine, and residual heat can be used to heat our homes in a much more efficient and clean way than all other energy sources we use today. This source of energy is called geothermal energy – from the Greek words “geo” – γεω- (geo-), meaning “jord”, and “termisk” – θερμός (thermos), meaning “varme”.

Norway is the world leader in deep-hole drilling from offshore operations in the North Sea. This expertise can be used to produce electricity using geothermal energy. Norway can help the world to phase out coal power, nuclear power and gas power. Geothermal energy production does not occupy such large areas of land, nor does it damage health, birds and animals. Equinor is working on geothermal drilling projects in Iceland and Indonesia. Norway can utilize the heat in drilling holes for oil and gas on the continental shelf, and this can contribute to electrifying offshore operations.

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