Seletun Environmental Hotel

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Seletun Environmental Hotel

Seletun is perhaps Europe's most environmentally friendly activity center and function room, operated by the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association.

In Engvikveien near Kalandseid you find Seletun, far away from city stress and disturbing elements but still only 25 minutes from the airport and Bergen city centre. Here, fantastic experiences are offered in atmospheric surroundings in the middle of the Osvassdraget, deep in the beautiful nature of the west country.

Seletun is particularly suitable for weddings. confirmation, courses and conferences, team building, companies or gatherings of various kinds, all arranged with an environment-friendly framework. Here you will find, among other things, a stage with an amphitheater, fully equipped courses and a conference hall, meeting rooms, a barbecue hut, a campfire, canoeing, a fireplace lounge with a bar, an arrow and archery range, log cabins, a bridal house and a jetty with a sandy beach.

Feel free to come to a non-binding viewing and experience the rest of the possibilities at Seletun.

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Address: Engevikvegen 130, 5229 Kalandseidet
Telephone: 91 91 20 15