Annual reports

Annual reports.

Green Warriors of Norway have, like so many others in Norwegian society, had our challenges linked to the Covid-19 outbreak and have followed the authorities' guidelines when it comes to meetings and curtailment of meeting activities.

The organization and all associated local environmental groups, county teams and regional teams have therefore had to deviate from the usual annual meeting practice of physical attendance at member meetings.

We maintain the good digital contact within the organization and the communication within the local community groups, the county teams and the regional teams goes as before, even though much is digitized/over the phone.

The neighborhood groups still report to their county team or regional team, which in turn will follow up on the annual meeting, which has been moved to June and will be held digitally/via telephone.

We have canceled open meetings for members this year, with the exception of a few local environmental groups that held their meetings before the restrictions took place.

All members are nevertheless, as always, cordially welcome to send us input digitally or by telephone. Everyone must be heard, even if the corona situation makes a lot a little different than before.