Environmental organisation

Environmental organisation

What is an environmental company?

The Klima- og Miljøbedrift project is a program where the company incorporates a holistic environmental approach as a basis for operations. The program is intended to cover all aspects of the operation, so that the company becomes part of an ecologically responsible and sustainable society. This means that the environmental aspect becomes part of the decision-making basis for the company. Such thinking implies that nature and the environment have intrinsic value.

Areas that may require measures within an environmental company are:

  • Source sorting
  • Waste minimization 
  • Reuse
  • Energy economization
  • Purchasing
  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation
  • Other areas such as NMF and the company come to light
  • The program aims to build up competence, understanding and, not least, practical solutions to turn intentions into action.

The environmental policy that is drawn up constitutes the ideological management basis for the Environmental Strategy. This will be the basic management tool for all environmental work in the company and must be adopted by the company's board. 
The climate/waste plan is the detailed customized plan for how each individual department is to achieve the best environmental adaptation, and how this is to be uniformly coordinated.

Who can become a Climate and Environment Company?

Only companies that NMF selects can become Climate and Environment companies. Companies that have introduced the Climate and Environment Company program range widely, from industrial companies such as Framo, to government enterprises such as the Norwegian Armed Forces. On water as well as on land and underground (Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani), the Green Warriors of Norway has made an effort to help businesses operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

How to get started?

1. Meeting with NMF.
2. Inspection with NMF on the company's premises.
3. Finding the improvement potential.
4. Create a concrete overview of what is to be done in the various areas.
5. Create a complete plan for the business; sorting equipment, environmental stations, routines, logistics and in relation to subcontractors.
6. Obtain the necessary equipment.
7. Train employees, possibly in collaboration with NMF.
8. Prepare operating instructions, routine folders, etc.
9. Start the work.
10. After 6 months-1 year: Evaluate the project and look at possible improvements/development

What do you achieve by becoming a Climate and Environment Company?

The Green Warriors of Norway (NMF) considers the Climate and Environment Business program to be our most important contribution to long-term environmental and climate work. By removing toxins from production, minimizing material consumption, delivering for recycling and taking care of hazardous waste in the right way, companies maximize their social benefit measured against negative impact on nature and the environment.

Saved resources means saved money. It costs more and more to deliver unsorted waste, but you are now paid for delivering certain sorted, clean fractions for recycling. In any case, it is cheaper to deliver sorted fractions of the waste. By separating the fractions, you also get a good picture of how to minimize the amount of waste that is delivered for handling. The requirements for good waste management solutions are expected to become stricter in the coming years, and with the Climate and Environmental Business program these requirements are met in advance.

The company's energy consumption is also a mapping area within the Climate and Environmental Business project, by reducing this the company will be able to achieve large savings on efficiency and finances. We will also carry out a survey of the company in relation to electromagnetic radiation.

The vast majority of employees want to be employed by a company that takes the environment into account. The Klima og Miljøbedrift program makes the workplace safer and the environment cleaner. More and more customers are also becoming aware of choosing suppliers who make a positive mark with environmental measures. By letting the company go through the program, you achieve a status where you can profile yourself both internally and externally as an environmentally aggressive player.

During the course of the agreement period, the Green Warriors of Norway will be able to organize a 2-day leadership development course in climate and environment at our course and conference center in Seletun. This is a kick-off seminar which will be held regardless of the package price of the agreement, but which will give the company a unique opportunity to experience the climate and environmental work put into a system in several different areas.

Ved å velge Norges Miljøvernforbund som deres samarbeidspartner i miljøspørsmål, får dere ikke bare tilgang på en unik kompetanse på området, – dere støtter også organisasjonens øvrige arbeid med viktige miljøsaker.

For further information about the project, contact NMF.

Project Miljøbedrift is therefore the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's program to introduce full environmental management step by step in a business. In this regard, the NMF makes high demands on the project participants, and it is not possible to buy an "environmental alibi". This project aims to make the company a leader in the environment, and this has proven to have enormous ripple effects. 

Among other things, this has been the direct cause of the introduction of collection systems for plastic for recycling in grocery stores in Western Norway, and that around 20 companies throughout the Nordics have cut out the environmentally unfriendly plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

We have/have collaborated with the following companies:

OSO Hotwater, about. 200 employees
Dragon set Spar, about. 300 employees
Color line, approx. 600 employees
Photo Knudsen, about. 250 employees
NB Steel (Norwegian Blikkvalsverk)
Glomma Papp, about. 330 employees
Building partner NORGROS
FORWARD, about. 1000 employees
Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani, about. 230 employees
Fjord line, about. 600 employees

Oso Hotwater, Drageset Spar and FotoKnudsen have received awards within their industry as the most environmentally friendly, and we are proud to have contributed to that.