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The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association works tirelessly to ensure a good and livable environment for all of us and our descendants. There are constantly new threats that rob us of our common natural areas, poison the environment, food and air, and threaten our fellow creatures. We have also recently seen how vulnerable we really are if we fail to take care of the earth we live on or our most important food source, the sea, which now faces greater threats than ever before.

We need your support in the fight to preserve the environment, nature and public health.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) is a nationwide membership organization that was founded in 1993.

NMF has over 37 years of experience in environmental action and has been at the forefront of several important environmental issues. We were also the first organization to take a clear stand against wind power over 20 years ago. What we see is that there were many of the same arguments and problems then as now. The biggest difference is that we were clearly against it, while several of the other organizations were both positive about wind power and were actually the ones who fought through the green certificates that have created all the problems we are struggling with now.

We at the Danish Environmental Protection Association are also strongly involved in a number of other important environmental matters, and what most of us have in common is that the authorities and other powerful forces lack basic knowledge and the will to take good environmental responsibility for the future. Most of us who have lived for a few years remember well when it was just a matter of going out to the fjord and bringing home clean and good food. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case in many places along our coast. Nature and the environment have in many places become a rubbish dump and we no longer use nature on nature's own terms. We consume it for short-term gains without thinking about tomorrow or what the next generation will take over.

We all have a clear duty to take care of nature and the environment, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. We only have nature on loan from our children.

The Norwegian Environment Protection Association needs your help

Yes, you read that right. Your help and support is what enables us to fight so that public health and our shared environment are safeguarded and protected. Much of this work is about raising awareness and informing about what this means for the individual, for society and for the environment. We now see that it is carried on at an increasingly faster pace without it seeming to be subject to any form of management or sense of responsibility, either from our authorities or from the individual players. Our work is incredibly important, and for us to be able to stand up to environmental threats and make a positive change, your help is important. Support us by becoming a member, and feel free to make an extra contribution to VIPPS 96784 or to account 3208.25.81579 if you have the opportunity.

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It is you as a member who enables us to be visible and win environmental cases. Your support is immeasurably important in the fight to take care of the environment. Together we can accomplish much more. Become a member!

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