The Environmental Protection Association demands the scrapping of wind power plans after the dispensation has expired

Work has not begun, NMF's photos are proof of that.

The race has now been run for developers in the Kjølberget area as the dispensation they had expired at the weekend, says regional manager of NMF East Jan-Hugo Holten.

Today, NMF has written a letter to the politicians in Våler municipality in which the association requests that the municipality, as planning authority, now put aside the plans for monster turbines in Finnskogleden. 13 pcs. with a height of 225 metres.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association has been in the area on several occasions in recent weeks, for example when head of NMF Kurt Oddekalv and regional leader East Norway Jan-Hugo Holten met the local population at a public meeting organized by NMF on 1 May. Several inspections have been carried out in the area in recent weeks and days and it is beyond any reasonable doubt that no work or measures have been initiated that could come under the definition of work.

This is a central point in relation to to validate the requirement that the deadlines have expired.

There is a requirement for extensive work carried out within the deadline, which can possibly be invoked from the developer at Finnskogen. It is not possible to document as nothing has actually been done, says Holten.

NMF will follow the case until there is a written clarification from the municipality's side.

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