NMF against hydropower development at Onarheimselva

This time it is the Onarheimselva in Kvinnherad Municipality, Hordaland County that is to be demolished. The Onarheim river has already been piped in a large area, and now Sunnhordaland Kraftlag wants to build another hydropower plant in this river. Nothing is sacred for the power producers. If you find an untouched stretch of river, you can be sure that one or another producer has the plans ready for how this stretch can be developed further. This has now gone far too far.. Norway hardly has free-flowing rivers left. But it does not seem to stop the hunger for more and more power, which after the completion of power plants is ONLY intended for the export of electricity abroad.. "Green" certificates are a joke. If these facilities had not been subsidized above the electricity bill of you and me, these facilities would never have been built. And the loser every single time is Norwegian untouched nature.

See the degradation of Norwegian nature over time here:

In southern Norway, almost all wilderness is completely gone

See consultation response here.

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