After many years of fighting against the development of the Breimselva in Sogn og Fjordene, the battle has finally been won

Already in 2011, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association got involved in the fight to stop the development of the Breimselva in Sogn og Fjordane. The case has wavered back and forth in all the years since then, but this year came the happy news that NVE and the Ministry of Oil and Energy say no to all reversed applications from Breim Kraftverk, which is owned by 30 local landowners, to build a power plant in the river. NMF has submitted no less than 3 objections to attempts to change the applications from power developers in order to get their development through. Thus, one of Norway's largest populations of brown trout has been saved, hopefully forever. This shows that it is useful to fight for our species diversity, even if the fight can take many years. See the rejection from NVE here, with all the objections from NMF attached.

Breim power plant


Newspaper article in Firda about the refusal.

No to the development of a power plant in Gloppen


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