Sørøya unfortunately became the tour's northernmost cleaning stop in 2018

For the past two months, we have sailed along the Norwegian coast and cleaned beaches, held lectures and done everything we can to maintain the good focus on marine litter. Now the economy, and partly the weather on the coast of Finnmark, force us to turn around and start cleaning down the coast again.

We are sincerely sorry that we will not come further than Hasvik in Finnmark. We would love to make an effort in Honningsvåg, Vardø and Grense Jakobselv too! We especially apologize to the wonderful committed people in Vardø, where we had arranged a public meeting on board, a lecture and two workshops together with the local population!

We promise to come back stronger, but we can't conjure up funds. We are already more than 1.5 million under budget, but the journey is not over, there are still many tonnes to clear!

If anyone wants to contribute is The Vipps number: 96748.
We're not done yet!

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