Electrification of the car fleet can remove traffic jams

The vast majority of cars in rush hour traffic have only one passenger. At the same time, the car often weighs 20 times more than the passenger. Getting more people to travel in the same car can thus reduce fuel consumption and actually remove queues in rush hour traffic. As an example, in Bergen there are approximately 500,000 free car seats in rush hour traffic. That is more than the combined population of both Bergen and all the neighboring municipalities combined. With today's mobile phone technology, you can easily find available cars and people who need a ride.
We simply do not have the space for private cars to grow in the cities. With today's technology, there should also be no need for further road construction in the cities. Carpooling can give us less pollution, remove queues and save limited space in cities.

Read more about how you can use a mobile phone to carpool:

At the same time, the rapid development of battery technology has meant that hybrid cars and electric cars are becoming an increasingly better alternative. This in turn has meant that many new types of hybrid and electric cars have come on the market in recent years. This poll illustrates well the strengthened competitiveness of battery-powered cars:

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