Geothermal can provide more Norwegian jobs. Erna Solberg, you have been given an assignment in Madrid.

From Equinor's geothermal plant at Reykjanes, Iceland - Photo: Equinor

The Environmental Protection Association believes that the Norwegian authorities are not doing enough to maintain continuity in expertise that has been built up in the offshore activities in the North Sea. It is a shame that Norway allows several thousand offshore workers to go without work. They could use their expertise on geothermal electricity production.

By: Anders Løberg

The world needs energy other than oil and gas to achieve the climate goals. Norway has a unique opportunity to use deep-hole drilling technology in geothermal electricity production, which is clean energy with little impact on nature and destruction of birds and wildlife.

Instead of investing in developing Norwegian industrial jobs within clean energy production, this opportunity is now being brushed aside.

New Norwegian international industrial opportunity

Norwegian industry must merge its clusters and develop the best energy production, both in terms of electricity production and heat. We can help all of Europe with geothermal electricity. Japan, which does not want Norwegian oil and gas, can use our technology for geothermal solutions, and hydrogen can also be produced for transport needs.

Geothermal electricity production has much less impact on natural areas and habitats for animals and birds. This results in a lower noise level and less emissions to the surroundings.

Norway can use its enormous expertise in offshore drilling and land-based hot wells that can phase out coal power, gas power and nuclear power globally.

Norway itself can use hot wells in the North Sea to electrify the shelf with geothermal electricity. It will stable power supply, which the platforms depend on. Wind power is too unstable, and depends on balancing power, and offshore that means gas power or electricity from hydropower on land. Equinor already has a deep geothermal drilling project underway in Iceland, and is also active in Indonesia

Geothermal energy is a perpetual source of clean, renewable energy.

Check out Equinor's project in Iceland here.

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