Joint demonstration against wind power at Fløyen in Bergen

Good atmosphere during today's demonstration - Photo: Miljøvernforbundet

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association carried out a joint demonstration on Fløien in Bergen on 16 January 2020 together with Motvind, Folk for Fjella, Sogn og Fjordane Turlag, Norwegian Ornithological Association, and VON-Vern om Nordhordalandsfjella.

The occasion was the so-called "Top management meeting for Zero Emissions 2030" under the auspices of Klimapartnere Vestland, which consists of decision-makers within academia, public and private enterprises.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's leader, Kurt Oddekalv at home - Photo: Environmental Protection Agency

The organizations had covered the way to the meeting room at Fløyen Folkerestaurant with banners, posters and committed nature lovers who met all the meeting participants on the way in.

Good atmosphere at today's demonstration - Photo: Miljøvernforbundet

The reason why this matter engages so many is precisely the massive and large loss of nature and the fact that so few of our decision-makers have not taken into account the large climate burden caused by a significant consumption of materials, transport, construction work and the release of greenhouse gases by setup of the wind power. The energy companies would have us believe that the wind turbine produces green energy, almost from the first hour of operation, but this is far from the case. The entire life cycle of a wind power plant produces enormous climate emissions, with much of the climate burden ending up in other countries. Virtually all the climate pressures come before they are able to produce as much as a single kilowatt and it takes at best many years before they come into balance. It is the false greenwashing of this glossy image that is problematic, and which is now pressing ahead with the large-scale downsizing of our last natural areas. This is also the background for today's demonstration. Our decision-makers must not be able to make the wrong choice without acquiring the right knowledge.

The demonstrators ready to hand out information material - Photo: Miljøvernforbundet

On the way to the senior management meeting, the organizations were handed out flyers, flyers and the Environmental Protection Association's magazine on wind power (Miljømagasinet). The meeting participants were able to meet a nice group of committed people with fresh baked goods, a guitar and a sing-along when they arrived at the station up on Fløyen.

Fresh baked goods and the Wind Song create a good atmosphere - Photo: Miljøvernforbundet

Most of the people who were to attend the senior management meeting had little time and were clearly not interested in information about the climate impacts we in Norway are actually causing in other countries due to our investment. However, some were very interested and stopped for a chat with the organisations. County mayor Jon Askeland (SP) took the time to talk to those present. He stated, among other things, that he very well understood our point of view, and at the same time said that it was very frustrating with the concessions. What he found most provocative and problematic was that, while all other cases were dealt with according to the Planning and Building Act, the licensing system was such that a permit for 100-metre-high turbines could quickly end up with a height of 250 meters before they were built.

A cheerful county mayor, Jon Askeland (SP) in conversation with the protesters - Photo: Miljøvernforbundet

Today's campaign was very successful. It was a very good atmosphere and a great demonstration that there are so many more sides to the climate issue than those who obviously think that as long as there is a socket then everything is fine. The great destruction of the landscape, natural diversity, public health and the many local communities affected, whether they are located in Bremangerlandet, in the Dalsbotnfjellet in Gulen or elsewhere in Vestland county, are at least as important. Today, the organizations showed that this too must be included in the climate debate.

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