The Norwegian Environment Protection Association once again reports Marine Harvest for environmental crime

This time Marine Harvest's location is 26795 Austvika, Flatanger Municipality in Trøndelag County Municipality from which the salmon has escaped.

On 14 February 2018, Marine Harvest reported to the Directorate of Fisheries about a possible escape of salmon from their facility Austvika in Flatanger. The bill has now recently been emptied and the remaining salmon in the bill have been counted. According to Marine Harvest, the number of salmon that had escaped was 52,000 salmon. In total, over 100,000 salmon escaped from Marine Harvest's facilities in the 2 incidents in early 2018. NMF believes that this shows that escapes will never stop with the current method of operating in open cages. NMF has for many years demanded that all fish farming must take place in closed solutions. It is time for our politicians to realize that such events are not approved by Norway's population. The real wild salmon is in the process of being eradicated because genetic interference from escaped farmed salmon is diluting the real wild salmon stocks.

See the review here.

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