Sporveien AS in Oslo fined NOK 1 million after the release of heating oil in the Alnaelven, 2018

The spill in the Alnaelven on 30/31 May 2018 fined following notification from the Environmental Protection Association (NMF) Østlandet.

Sporveien AS in Oslo has been fined NOK 1 million after the discharge of 35-50 tonnes of fuel oil into the Alnaelven on 30/31 May 2018. NMF reported Sporveien for breaching the internal control regulations and the Pollution Act.

It is gratifying that a decision has now been reached in the case against Sporveien, says regional manager for NMF East Jan-Hugo Holten, who believes that the size of the fine is a minimum given the nature of the case.

Quoted message from the Oslo Police District:

Reference is made to the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's report of 31 May 2018, where Sporveien AS was reported in connection with the discharge of fuel oil in the Alnaelven on 30 May 2018.

It is hereby informed that the case has been settled by the fact that Sporveien AS has been imposed a corporate penalty for breaching the Pollution Act in the form of a fine of one million kroner. The proposal has been adopted.


Kristin Ingeborg Rusdal

police attorney

Oslo police District

Prosecution section finance and special legislation

Joint unit for intelligence and investigation

The Oslofjord - Photo: NMF

Internal control fundamentally failed

It was a fundamental failure in internal control that caused a pipe to burst. The pipe had not been wanted since 1964. The case was quite obvious when the police started investigating when Sporveien was forced to lay all cards on the table. Seen in light of this, it is special that someone spends 20 months investigating and finalizing the case.

Sørenga was discharged too early

Among others, bathers at Sørenga were affected by the spill. It was observed with an oil shine on the skin in June 2018. At the time, NMF reacted to the fact that the Norwegian Environmental Agency would not be long before they reported Sørenga healthy.

Bjørvika treated stepmotherly

NMF questions Oslo municipality's prioritization of the Bjørvika/Sørenga area. In the same summer and autumn, an attempt was made to dump 730 m3 of raw sewage in connection with the laying of a new track from Oslo towards Ski. Only due to pressure from NMF and players in social media/Face were the plans for dumping shelved. Nevertheless, 15 m3 was released via the stormwater network. Those responsible for this were the Oslo Municipality at Water and Sewage and Bane Nor.

Attached NMF's review

Attached link to article in Dagsavisen 30 August 2018

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