The Danish Environmental Protection Association requests a halt to industrial development at Finnskogen via the District Court

Photo: Kurt Oddekalv speaks for the people of Finnskog at the public meeting on 1 May 2019


The Swedish Environmental Protection Association is requesting a halt to industrial development at Finnskogen via the District Court and the police are complaining to the state attorney for poor work.

On 22 May 2019, the NMF filed a complaint against the Police in the Interior before the superior authority the State Attorney's Office. Furthermore, the NMF at the regional office in Oslo sent a petition for a temporary injunction to the local District Court.

The police sleep during class
Illegal work is still taking place in the planning area in the form of logging and clearing. NMF learns until 22 May that the police do not plan to do anything in relation to the illegal work. This is sensational all the while the police should now have been able to gather so much information via the media and sources that they could at least summon Våler municipality and Austri Vind for questioning.

It is incredible that you have to save Mikkjel Fønhus and Hans Børli's forests from destruction in this way. I didn't think I would have to do that, said leader of the Environmental Protection Association Kurt Oddekalv to NRK Østnytt this afternoon. (22. 5. 2019)

See the documents here:
Complaint – State Attorney OH
Temporary injunction Kjølberget

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