The Green Warriors of Norway's consultation report on the METCentre offshore wind farm outside Karmøy

The Green Warriors of Norway (NMF) is very critical of wind power and offshore wind. The METCentre (Marin Energy Test Center) outside Karmøy is a very conflict-ridden facility with major environmental consequences.

METCentre has applied for a significant expansion of its Offshore demonstration facility for floating wind turbines outside Karmøy. NMF submitted our consultation response with a number of comments.

Firstly adding more unstable wind power to our energy system is not the solution. The recent energy PRICE crisis has shown us how failed energy policy has become. Now we see the results of several decades of hollowing out and destruction of a well-functioning power system where all management of the production and sale of hydropower as balancing power has been unleashed on the stock exchange (Nord Pool) where all trade, export/import is only regulated by short-term profit and not from a supply perspective . Large amounts of energy that are sent back and forth between countries in order to make as much money as possible simultaneously waste large amounts of energy through power loss.

Offshore wind is not only unstable as an energy supply, but is also a very space-consuming and environmentally damaging solution. It is not the best technology or solution. At the same time, good energy solutions are being held back, and on the consumption side there is almost a free rein for projects that can eat up as much as possible of our power surplus, such as data centers/crypto factories, battery and hydrogen/ammonia factories, etc.

Shall we solve today's and tomorrow's energy needs, we must start at the right end and not start with what destroys the most, first. Offshore wind is not the solution, whatever the question.

The application and the impact assessment to METCentre has major shortcomings, and investigators who are also a NORWEA member, Multiconsult undercommunicates and downplays most of the consequences for the plant. They don't appear here as any neutral investigators.

There are a lot of criticisms point, both with the application and with OED/NVE's processing of it. The consequences for Karmøy, the environment and the marine area off the coast are very large. Read more about this in our consultation statement:


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