NMF is against toxic landfill at Raudsand in Møre og Romsdal

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association demands full clean-up of Raudsand in the closed mining facility, and in the landfills in the open pits before any new activity in the area is considered.

NMF had a meeting with the mayor of Nesset Municipality, Rolf Jonas Hurlen, where NMF launched a joint council consisting of local people from NMF and the local politicians from the municipalities in Møre and Romsdal. Something that was well received by Mayor Hurlen. The group will be established immediately, and will in future work actively to control the process regarding clean-up. NMF also held a meeting with around 30 politicians in the neighboring municipalities following the meeting with Mayor Hurlen, where there was a great deal of commitment to the issue. All these politicians were very concerned about the situation in Raudsand. They believed that such a toxic landfill would damage the reputation of local food products, but also have a negative effect on tourism in the area.

NMF was very satisfied with this meeting, and we agreed that the state must step in to clean up the massive pollution from the Aluscant period. NMF also held a well-organized public meeting where Kurt Oddekalv gave a lecture on the history of 30 years of hazardous waste disposal in the mines in Raudsand. About 100 people turned up to hear about the process further. We were very pleased with the commitment of those present. And NMF at the same time received a great compensation for the work NMF did in 2002-2003 when Aluscan was declared bankrupt.

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