NMF reports Nord Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk AS (NTE) for pollution of Namsen

NMF has today 14 November 2018 reported Nord Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk (NTE) to Trøndelag Police District for pollution of Namsen. Those concerned have now completed a new dam project in Namsvannet, Rørvik municipality. Since the start of construction in 2015, NTE has made several serious mistakes and breaches of the Natural Diversity Act and the Pollution Act. The mistake was that sludge and fine particles containing heavy metals have leaked into the river with a high probability of fish and benthic animal death as a result of the discharges.

Such discharges of fine-grained sludge are in themselves very bad news for life in the river. But here they have also blasted and used greenstone for filler, which contains chromium and other heavy metals. This is very deadly for all life in the river.

See review here.

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