NMF's recruitment competition 2020 - The winners have been drawn

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's recruitment competition Nov/Dec 2020 has now ended, and the winners were...

We thank everyone who participated and for the good turnout. We appreciate that immensely. The aim of the competition has been to get more members and supporters.

As you probably know, we need all the support and help we can get. The challenges for the environment are greater now than ever before and the workload is overwhelming for us and for our many contributors and supporters across the country.

Right now, it seems as if there are no limits to how many anti-environmental measures come from our authorities or from companies, groups and others who think more about quick money in their own pockets than that we should, after all, have a good and vibrant environment that we can be proud to hand over to our next generations when the time comes. It is precisely their help and support that is so important to us.

It is actually you who are members and supporters who are the backbone of the Environmental Protection Association. Thank you very much for standing up and supporting us.

The winners of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's recruitment competition Nov/Dec 2020 were:

  1. Prize – DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly more combo – Marianne Hegrum
  2. Prize – GoPro 8 Black – Per Olav Bråten

The winners are attributed.

Also very nice if you continue to help us get more members. We still have quite a bit left before there are enough of us to receive state aid (5,000). We obviously want to be many more than that because it will undoubtedly strengthen us and our opportunities to tackle environmental issues.

We thank you for your participation and also ask that you can stop by our supporters. For this round, we would like to give a big thank you to:

The prizes are provided by:

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