Casine lays the construction of housing on a disused waste landfill

Image: From the public meeting at Brånåsen in April 2018.


Sandnes municipality has put on hold the plans to build homes on a disused waste landfill at Varatun.

In the wake of the Environmental Protection Association's involvement this winter in the case at Brånåsen where people are bothered and injured by landfill gases, attention was also directed to other landfills in the country.

In the Brånåsen case, NMF has produced several documents. In addition to reporting to Skedsmo municipality, which is now under investigation, NMF has in a letter to the Ministry of the Environment and the directorate demanded the clean-up of Brånåsen as well as mapping of other landfills in Norway.
Furthermore, in a letter to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in June 2018, NMF demanded a ban on construction on and near landfills.

The letter to the Ministry of the Environment has been used as a starting point for a number of inquiries from representatives of the Storting towards the government this spring and early summer.

It is gratifying that Sandnes municipality is putting its foot down,

- says Jan-Hugo Holten of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, who has been responsible for investigating the landfill case.

Holten is currently the regional manager for Eastern Norway and handles maritime and marine matters.

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