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With almost 100 approved licences, most of which are in the process of being built. Large parts of the country are now being transformed into giant noisy industrial areas. The largest turbines rise up to a quarter of a kilometer above the ground (250 m). In addition, they are placed at the highest points in the landscape and are in several places visible from tens of kilometers away. Rising generations will never get to experience the magnificent Norwegian natural landscape as we have ourselves.

The municipal sector organisation, KS has calculated that 1,760 km2 of land has been reallocated from open air areas (LNFR) to building and construction areas for wind power in the municipal plan. This is over ten times more than the total industrial area in Norway (168 km2). The combined area of cities and towns is, by comparison, 1,138 km2. There are thus far larger areas that agree to wind power than to both city, conurbation and industrial areas together.

We are in the process of destroying large parts of the Norwegian landscape, several species are threatened as a direct result of the wind power developments, and important habitats and red-listed habitats are about to disappear forever. This is not how we should manage nature and the landscape. We all have a clear duty to take care of it, not only for ourselves, but also for future generations. We only have nature on loan from our children.

Yes, you read that right. Your help and support is what enables us to fight to stop the reckless ravages of wind power in the Norwegian landscape. Our enemies are resourceful and numerous. Not only do we have to stand up to Greek energy companies and foreign money funds who are wreaking havoc in our nature, but we use large resources to fight against our own authorities who are 100% on the same level as developers and against their own people.

Norwegian authorities have introduced wind power into the Norwegian landscape in a very undemocratic and hidden way. No one in Norwegian society has ever been told anything about what this entails or about the enormous scale in which this is being developed. The administration at NVE and OED are the biggest offenders when they ignore important laws that are supposed to protect nature and the Norwegian people's rights to public health and outdoor life. Norwegian administration is bankrupt, and the authorities use enormous resources to protect this undemocratic system from their own citizens.

Norway's Environmental Protection Association, a nationwide member organisation, with the aim of taking care of the environment and nature, was founded in 1993. We were the first environmental organization to take a clear stand against wind power over 20 years ago. With over 37 years of experience in the environmental fight, we know how this fight should be fought and which tools should be used.

Having said that, unlike other organisations, we have no faith whatsoever in legal proceedings as a means of winning the battle against the ravages of wind power. Court cases only work exceptionally and only in very special cases where great emphasis is placed on the preparatory work. The way court cases are used now, in our opinion, it is not just like throwing the money straight out of the window, but actually even worse. Namely that you often end up paying for the other party's lawyers with hard-earned money from many good and committed people. This is not the way to fight this battle. There are other and more effective ways. Support us by becoming a member, and feel free to make an extra contribution to VIPPS 96748 if you have the opportunity.

It is you as a member who enables us to be visible and win environmental cases. Your support is immeasurably important in the fight to take care of the environment. Together we can accomplish much more. Become a member!

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Membership costs NOK 200. per year.

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Our members receive NOK. NOK 200 in discounts for first-time trading at the Environmental Market/Used building in Bergen, as well as a 10 % discount for further trading (20% for active members). When groups stay at our Ecohotel Seletun, all members will receive a 10 % discount on their stay.

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