Terms of membership

Conditions for membership in the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association

  1. Who the membership applies to.
    1.1 Membership and associated benefits are personal.
    1.2 Persons under the age of 15 must have their guardian's consent.
    1.3 Name changes must be made in writing

  2. Agreement conclusion
    2.1 Membership agreements can be entered into via the internet, telephone or e-mail.
    2.2 [New] members have a 14-day right to cancel the purchase of membership.
    3.3 [New] members also have a 2-year right of complaint should conditions not be met.

  3. Validity, membership and dues
    3.1 In case of new registration, the membership is valid from the date of payment and applies to the calendar year the payment is made until the next dues are collected.
    3.2 Membership is ongoing and is renewed every year.
    3.3 Membership is charged in NOK and is exempt from VAT.
    3.4 Before the membership fee is paid, you do not have access to benefits included in the membership.
    3.5 In the case of family membership, the dues are paid in a combined invoice to the main member.
    3.6 In the case of family membership, persons must live at the main member's address
    3.7 In the case of family membership, additional members must be under 25 years of age
    3.8 Support membership does not grant any democratic rights
    3.9 When upgrading the membership within a quota year, the deposit is paid based on the amount of time remaining in the original quota year.
    3.10 Every year between 01.09 and 31.12, new membership is obtained for 50 % of the normal quota.

  4. Member benefits
    4.1 Our members receive a discount of NOK 200 for their first trade at the Environmental Market in Bergen.
    4.2 In addition, regular members receive a 10 % discount for further trading at the Environmental Market in Bergen.
    4.3 For active members, this discount is 20 %
    4.4 When groups stay at the eco-hotel at Seletun, everyone who is a member of NMF will receive a 10 % discount on their stay.

  5. Privacy
    5.1 For information on privacy see: http://984072-www.web.tornado-node.net/personvern/

  6. Resignation
    6.1 Membership can be terminated in writing or orally, with immediate effect. Paid membership fees are not refunded in the event of termination. The exception is in the event of death.

  7. Update of Terms
    7.1 The terms and conditions may be changed at any time by the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association.