Thanks dad. We'll take the fight now.

Thanks dad. We'll take the fight now.

The shock hit us like lightning out of the blue on Monday. Our dear dad unexpectedly moved on to new hunting grounds.

True to what he loved, dad died trying to save our youngest sister Mathilde's dog from drowning under the ice. The dog "Kompis" also accompanied him on the journey.

The outpouring of support and love we are receiving now has been absolutely overwhelming. We greatly appreciate it, but do not have the emotional capacity to respond now. We take all the support we can into the very difficult time ahead.

Once again, we get confirmation that dad has meant an unimaginable amount to many people in our society. Both high and low.

"Kurt'n" was known as a flamingly committed, fearless and articulate environmental warrior with high integrity.

"Who loves wins" was his motto, and he lived by it to the end. We still have a tougher man to meet.

But we children also know him just as much as an adventurer, sailor, hunter, cowboy, designer, inquisitive person, fishing fan, prankster and a rarely knowledgeable and skilled craftsman. He was loving, strong and present as a father. A brilliant teacher.

He was also an equally devoted grandfather and took great pleasure in sharing his knowledge, love and curiosity for nature with the next generation of Oddekalv. His grandchildren, Viljar and Gard.

We also see now that we have shared dad with so many more people than we could fathom. We have received statements of support from people all over the world.

One thing that is important to me and dad that people know is that everything Kurt did, he did because he loved. All the actions had their origin in an intense and genuine love for nature, animals and people - and the symbiosis between them. He realized earlier than most that everything he loved is threatened. Something it still is.

He loved the planet and everyone who lives here. You too, who is reading this. Dad got up every morning to defend what he loved. He did it with an intense strength and a courage that has no equal. Whole life.

The best thing you can do for Kurt and us now is to let his story and efforts inspire you to do something yourself. Actions that are good for the planet, animals or another human being.

"Operation: save the world" can only succeed if we work together to ensure that the world as we know it is preserved.

At least he thought so and so do we. Dad is good proof that one person cannot solve all these challenges we now face - alone, but that one person can actually make a difference.

You will always be a true hero, Dad Kurt.

Thanks. For everything you did for the world, society and us.

From your children

Mathilde, Gyda, Odin and Ruben

Rest in peace dear dad. We will continue the fight.

Also read the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's memorial for Kurt W. Oddekalv here.

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