Longship collides with the mercury submarine


The government's Solberg flagship on carbon storage comes into conflict with the wreck of the German mercury submarine U-864 off Fedje in Vestland. How to achieve 0 emissions with 67 tonnes of mercury where CO2 is to be pumped into the seabed? The Langskip project has planned for terminals in Øygarden, and descent into reservoirs on the seabed, west of Fedje, exactly where the wreck of U-864 lies.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association believes that this conflict provides a strong lead for raising the wreck of U-864 and cleaning up and removing all the mercury from the wreck area. Covering the submarine hulls and the contaminated seabed would be very risky, as this area is intended for massive storage of CO2 in connection with the CCS project "Longship".

The NMF is also strongly critical of this co-location of climate industrial activities, underwater operations, the laying of pipelines etc, and a huge poison bomb consisting of 67 tonnes of mercury.

Longships lack a risk analysis on the leakage of CO2 from the reservoirs

Northern Lights/Equinor has not prepared a complete risk analysis of leakage from the reservoirs in the area where the submarine is located, and it is not guaranteed that the CO2 storage will not burst due to the pressure, or that there will be leakage of CO2 from the reservoir.

There is no doubt that the submarine must be raised, there is no point in messing around outside Fedje with the longship, which we may well call Wasa II, it will sink anyway when launched.

We see the project as too top-heavy, lavish and decorated with empty promises. The CCS "Longship" project lacks the necessary professional ballast and realism, says head of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, Kurt Oddekalv.

"There will be no "Longship" until U-864 is raised and everything is cleared"

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