The razing of Frøya continues unabated

Photo: Wikimedia Commons .

The resistance is still very high.

For the fifth time in six months, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's action leader Arne Roger Hansen was on Frøya to see how far  Trønderenergi (TE) has come up with its plan to destroy Frøya's nature and species diversity, and to support NMF's friends on Frøya in their resistance to this devilish plan. In the course of 2 days, Arne could testify that TE with the contractor, and the help of the police, had come a long way into the piles with their excavators, and repeated blasting of every mound that stands in the way of the planning of the staging area, and further into Frøya's beautiful nature. Large amounts of bog have also been removed to create roads up to 8 meters wide into the landscape. Arne could also testify that the resistance and anger is still very strongly present among the action group on Frøya. Here, no turbines will ever come up is still the only thing one hears among all those present in the camp in Nessadalen.


See video footage of the destruction here.

See interview by Arne Roger Hansen on Frøya TV here.

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