The harbor master

Attached is the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's call to Os municipality to change the decision on killing the "Port Manager".

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association cannot sit idly by and watch the municipality make such a big mistake against such a highly valued element in the municipality, and several of our members have also been encouraged to involve us in the matter.

We feel it is now time for someone to speak up for the swan's case, and point out that this case is bigger than the "Port Manager". In addition to this single case, this is about whether people should be shielded from nature, when they are in nature, and about the fact that it is high time the almighty man takes a step back and also makes room for other creatures in our surroundings.

It is potentially dangerous to live, which is why adults who are responsible for children have a southern responsibility to look out for them. It is not the case that if one of the children had gone off the path on the way to the beach and been bitten by a viper, it would have been the viper's fault. It wouldn't have been the responsible adult's fault either, it's just one of the factors you have to accept when you're human.

The case has so far been marked by drama, but hardly anyone has put their finger on the fact that it is actually nothing more than a 10-13 kg bird looking after its young and not a tiger that eats people from a village in India.

Link to the Norwegian Environment Protection Association's call.

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