Asks Stråvernet to speed up the takeover of the facilities at Kjeller and in Halden from IFE

In a letter to Stråvernet, DSA (Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety), NMF requests that the ownership of the facilities at Kjeller and Halden be accelerated.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) is concerned that Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) should be in a position to start its work on managing the facilities.

Over the past year, NMF has participated in meetings with the Ministry of Trade and Industry as the responsible ministry and NND in order to provide input for the plans to be drawn up for the safe storage and disposal of reactor waste and other radioactive waste. Furthermore, the physical facilities must be demolished in a controlled manner.

The environmental organizations during a tour of the Halden reactor. In the front center, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's leader, Kurt Oddekalv and Jan hugo Holten. Photo: NND

NMF very impressed by the initiative from NND

NMF is very impressed by the initiative from NND in relation to including the environmental organizations on the "team" and now sees, after last year's consultations, the signals we have picked up as well as events historically during IFE, that the need for NND to realize plans as soon as possible and ongoing processes. it says in the letter to DSA,

Criticism-worthy conditions uncovered at both Halden and Kjeller stranded reactor operation

The recognition of the need for control and clean-up after Norway's test reactor projects must now be at a pace that means that the new structures that are built with replenishment from, among others, IFE at certain positions are allowed to settle and grow further. The structures are, among other things, the building up of NND via appointments from 2018 -dd and the fact that NND must be strengthened further in a number of areas in order to be able to fulfill its social mission in an adequate manner. It is therefore important that they start their work without unnecessary delay. NND is now in its 3rd year of existence and in need of continuous clarification.

Read the letter to DSA (Strålevernet) here (PDF)

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