Bear massacre shocks the Environmental Protection Association - offering NOK 100,000 as a reward

The Norwegian Environmental Association (NMF) has been informed that on 25 and 26 May this year, 8 brown bears were hunted by helicopter across the border from Trøndelag in Norway and eastwards to Sweden, where they were shot. There has been damage to bears in Sweden recently.

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is mainland Norway's largest predator. The bear lives in the border areas with Russia, Finland and Sweden. The species is highly threatened in Norway. The population in Norway is around 148 (2019) animals, of which 91 are male bears. The stock is below the Storting's stock target.

NMF regards the aforementioned bear hunting as serious organized environmental crime. The case will probably be under police investigation. The NMF obviously does not want this case to be dropped and is contributing NOK 100,000 as a reward to the person or persons who can provide tips and information to the NMF that leads to legal charges against the guilty parties.

Tips can be sent to the Environmental Protection Association via

For more information, Deputy Political Leader Ørjan Holm tel. 91357125

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