Do you have opinions about environmentally friendly public procurement?

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is asking for input into a new report to the Storting on public procurement.
The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries is now in the process of preparing a new report to the Storting on public procurement. The ministry states that the purpose of the notification is to facilitate the streamlining and professionalisation of public procurement. In addition, various social considerations laid down in the regulations must be taken care of (such as the environment, for example). The report to the Storting is scheduled to be presented in spring 2018.

NMF wants your input on how the procurement regulations can be made more environmentally friendly.

The public procurement market has a major impact on the environment, and NMF wants to come up with constructive proposals so that the work with the new Storting notification can contribute to more environmentally friendly public procurement and that public procurement contributes to a more environmentally friendly business life. In this connection, we would like to receive input from our members who have views regarding the public procurement market.

The total purchase of goods and services for the public sector amounted to approximately NOK 480 billion. Clients who have an overview of which procurements constitute a significant environmental impact can set relevant climate and environmental requirements and contribute to promoting green competitiveness in the markets. The arrangement of requirements set in public contracts therefore has great influence and importance for how environmentally friendly Norwegian business is.

According to the ministry, the following questions can be a starting point for input:

  • In your opinion, what are the most important challenges that the report to the Storting should address?
  • What measures can contribute to improving the situation?
  • Do you have examples of good practice that others can benefit from?


If you have suggestions on what NMF should emphasize in the input to the report to the Storting, you can contact the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's resource person in environmentally friendly public procurement:

Trygve W. Moxness
Telephone: 91 64 68 04


The deadline for submissions to NMF is 20 April.

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