ENVIRONMENTAL OWNER: Another victory for the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association

Osland Havbruk has today received a fine of NOK 550,000 for illegal use of the salmon lice agent Diflubenzuron near shrimp fields.

Vest police district has given a proposal of NOK 550,000 to Osland Havbruk AS in Høyanger, they report in a press release.

The farming company has been fined for using Diflubenzuron against salmon lice, which can harm shrimp and other shellfish, near shrimp fields. This was banned from 27 February 2017. A general requirement for care with regard to the environment applied from before.

The Norwegian Environment Protection Association reported Osland Havbruk because they used Diflubenzuron near shrimp fields in 6 different cases in autumn 2017.

Osland Havbruk AS owned 100% by Eros Salmon AS, which is again owned 100% by Erik Jarle Osland.


On 20 March 2020, Osland Havbruk AS adopted the proposal.

See the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association's review of Osland Havbruk

Here you can read the review that led to the fine.

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