The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency campaigned against the Zero Conference 2019

NMF campaigned today against the climate foundation Zero and their pressure to develop nature-destroying wind power in Norway.

The false climate prophets from Zero together with the company Zephyr are today a major threat to untouched Norwegian nature and species diversity.

The campaign today was very successful with many thumbs up, great people who bought coffee for NMF's people. Our eminent magazine on wind power was sold to e.g. City council leader Raymond Johansen, Statkraft manager Auke Lont and other passers-by. The magazine is available online and can be downloaded from the link below.

The fight against the wind turbines is far from over, even if the frame was dumped. The threat hangs over us and escalates every time a new UN climate report is published. Wind power in Norwegian nature is NOT the solution, but part of the problem where it actually costs more in greenhouse gas emissions in several cases than it contributes during the concession period. At the same time, we leave the good alternatives behind, and start first with what destroys the most. So short-minded are many. Politicians and parts of public opinion. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone communicates the alternatives to wind power and nature crushing, which are well described in NMF's magazine.


download Miljømagasinet 1/2019 here:

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