The Swedish Environmental Protection Association demands that the decision to leave the sunken 12,000 ton floating dock be lifted

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) demands the abandonment decision revoked for a sunken 12,000-tonne floating dock at CCB, Ågotnes

By: Jan-Hugo Holten

In a complaint to Fjell municipality by the mayor, NMF demands that the municipality reverse its decision to leave the floating dock that sank in the winter of 2018 at the CCB oil base at Ågotnes west of Bergen.

Already in March 2019, NMF demanded that the dock be removed. At the time, the NMF did not get a hearing from the local politicians in Fjell municipality and in September 2019 the municipality decided that no lifting should be required. The NMF was then not informed.

The municipality supports, among other things, on an environmental assessment prepared by NIVA which describes that the environmental condition of the dock's surfaces will pollute the surroundings (the recipient). The latter is also not of the best quality according to NIVA's assessment.


Wrong signals to leave it alone

It is the wrong signal to leave this lying around for as long as it can be raised and go for recycling, or parts can be considered reused. Furthermore, in NIVA's assessment, a cost picture has been drawn which draws bills on the KNM Ingstad rescue. NMF believes this is wrong. NMF has been in contact with marine environments that suggest a cost of around 25% of the frigate.

CCB base is also relatively solvent, and should be able to cover this cost, is the wording in the demand from NMF.


Read NMF's complaint to Fjell municipality here.

A copy of the complaint has been sent to the Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the County Governor in Hordaland for VAT.

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