The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association asks the Mauritian authorities to reconsider the dumping of the foreship of the Wakasio casualty

The NMF asks the Mauritian authorities to save the foreship and cut it in a proper manner instead of sinking what is now the plan.

IN a letter to Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth in Mauritius dated Friday 21 January 2020 asks the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association for the country's authorities to reconsider the plans to lower the bow of the wrecked bulk carrier Wakisio and instead recycle the steel on a suitable dock or a beach in the region.

It was about 4 weeks ago that the Japanese-owned bulk carrier of 300 meters in length and with a cargo capacity of 200,000 dwt built in 2007 grounded near the shoreline of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. According to the media, the heavy oil must have been debunked from the ship. This is unconfirmed for NMF. 

Furthermore, Norwegian directorates on standby have been asked to assist, including the Coastal Administration, but they have since been signed off. Here we are talking about expertise, advice on oil spills and clean-up etc. NMF has requested access to letters from the Mauritian authorities.

Norwegian environmental policy authorities directly challenged the Wakasio case

The letter from NMF has also been sent with a copy to political leadership in the Ministry of Climate and Environmental Protection. NMF believes that it is reprehensible for the Mauritian authorities to sink the foreship instead of saving it. This goes against the intentions behind a clean ocean and a reduction in pollution. NMF wants a reaction from the Norwegian environmental authorities and the letter from NMF has been conveyed directly to the Minister's presence in KLD.

Wrong signal to send

It is a serious negative signal to send that it is a good solution to sink the foreship with the littering and pollution consequence this will have on the marine environment. The state of Mauritius has already suffered a natural and environmental loss due to a heavy oil that has already been released and which kills and damages the species that are polluted by the oil, says case manager for maritime and marine affairs at the Environmental Protection Association Jan-Hugo Holten.


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