The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency complains about the biogas case at Eldøyane, Stord to the Ministry of Justice

In a complaint about a consent given by the Directorate for Community Security and Emergency Preparedness (DSB), DSB and Justice and the eEmergency Ministry addressed, among other things, Minister Mæland strongly criticizes the NMF for the work DSB has done in advance of giving Sunnhordland Naturgass consent to build a biogas plant in the middle of a heavy industrial area. An area with a frequent degree of hot working material burning, blasting compared to demolition and more.

Since the end of 2018, NMF has worked to stop the construction of a biogas plant at Eldøyane, Stord, due to the large overall health and environmental impact the area already has. NMF is not opposed to producing energy from organic waste, but cannot tolerate major health and environmental damage as a consequence.

In its consent, DSB makes no sign of drawing up scenarios or descriptions of what can happen and be the consequence of leaks from the plant towards residents in Kårevika or how this will react with hot burning work at Kværner Stord's demolition operations on Eldøyane. A stone's throw away from the site of the biogas plant. NMF questions the regulations DSB works according to and compliance with, says Jan-Hugo Holten, who is handling the case.

Obstructed plant in Sagvåg

SNG first wanted to build a facility in Sagvåg, a town a few kilometers away from Eldøyane, but strong commitment from, among others, NMF and well-organized neighbors put an end to bad plans, investigations and not least a campaign of lies from Pedersen in SNG.

Read the complaint here (PDF)

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