The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency demands the state to stop environmentally harmful beaching of ships.

In one letter to Folketrygdfondet Norge, which is owned by the Ministry of Finance, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) demands that the fund withdraw from the shipping companies Stolt-Nilsen and Maersk. These shipping companies contribute to harming the environment and health by sending their decommissioned ships to beaches in India, among others.

The alternative to so-called beaching is to take the ships into dock and ensure a clear and more closed dismantling of the hull and equipment, which increases both environmental and health safety. This is a practice where the shipowners come out somewhat worse off financially, but increase the volume of the serious services and the players will also see the figures look different, says Jan-Hugo Holten, responsible for marine affairs at the Environmental Protection Association.

During 2018, the EU will come up with a so-called white list of beaches that must be "approved".

This is not serious when all the pollution at the time goes straight into the sea and the workforce is particularly exposed to serious injury and, in the worst case, death, concludes Holten.

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