NMF demands that the permit for drilling be withdrawn

The Swedish Environmental Protection Association (NMF) demands that the permit granted on 16 July 2019 be withdrawn as the vulnerability in the area is too great in terms of birds, corals and fish, a situation that the Norwegian Environment Agency has itself pointed out. NMF is generally against all new drilling on the Norwegian continental shelf as the nation of Norway must manage the oil that has already been accounted for.

The requirements for response time and capacity of the oil spill response must be increased 100% if the permit is maintained. Drilling cuttings must also be brought ashore!

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) will begin by noting that we are skeptical of and in principle against more drilling for oil on the Norwegian continental shelf. This is because this type of activity violates the NMF's general objective over the past 25 years of a lower extraction rate on the Norwegian continental shelf in relation to oil and gas extraction. In 1996, the NMF made a resolution that required a reduction of 30% in the extraction of hydrocarbons. NMF is therefore, based on its view of resource management and the amount of hydrocarbons that have already been recovered, in principle against more exploration and test drilling and is therefore asking the Norwegian Environment Agency to withdraw the permit.


Read the whole case here.

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