The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency reports the mayor and developer for serious environmental crime

On 19 May, NMF Øst sent a notification for both Section 240 of the Criminal Code on serious environmental crime and after The Natural Diversity Act provisions for having allowed and settled in the planning area for over a week with the reduction of natural values. Illegal!

Very irresponsible municipal management
The deadline for initiating extensive work in the area expired on 11 May. It took the mayor and councilor four days before they themselves documented that work started is not in accordance with the requirement. In the municipal council meeting on 20 May, those present decided by voting to postpone consideration of the alderman's proposal, which concludes that Austri, the developer, must apply again for permission to expand. This means that the work in progress must be stopped.

“This is not applicable”, replied mayor Inger Lise Svenkerud to NMF's present representative in the municipal council chamber last night.

The police are on the fence
On 20 May, NMF was in contact with the police to get them on the field. Now almost two days after the report was sent, the police authorities are not on the case, according to what NMF learns.

Unhilted mayor
NMF believes that the mayor must ask the developer to stop the work. The NMF is now planning reconnaissance groups out into the planning area to observe destruction and thereby strengthen our report of mayor Svenkerud in particular. The latter comes across as unprofessional and unhelpful in his role as mayor.

Read the review here.

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