The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) supports the Expert Committee's recommendations, and is investigating Odda/Boliden as an alternative landfill location.

On 15 November 2019, NMF participated in an input meeting with political leadership in the Ministry of the Environment following the presentation of the expert committee's report.

In its submission, NMF pointed out that we are satisfied that the committee disregards Brevik as an alternative for landfill.

NMF also does not want landfill for Raudsand. Not only because it is unsuitable as a location, but also because Raudsand is struggling with old, untreated pollution, such as radioactive waste.

NMF is disappointed that Veidekke is involved in plans for Raudsand. The area has previously been exposed to serious environmental crime, and the NMF has investigated Bergmesteren at Storvik.

Otherwise, the NMF made it clear that the committee's report should not be heard with a consultation round, which was opposed by Norsk Industri and Bellona.

NMF believes the report is solid and cannot be the subject of input and discussion through a formal consultation round.

NMF sees the report as a check-off report in a number of areas. It concerns localization, bringing in new technology for cleaning ash and seeing potential in this in the short and longer term.

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