Stop development on Vardafjellet in Sandnes, Rogaland

Vardafjellet is currently under development. Thus, one of our district's most beautiful near-urban walking areas is destroyed for all time to come, and only to provide electricity to just over 4,000 houses in Europe. We don't need this power. We already produce more than we ourselves consume. Everything we build out now therefore only goes to export so that an insatiable Europe can get a few more kilowatts.

Rogaland has already sacrificed the most of all the counties when hydropower was developed, and between 96-97% of our waterways are regulated in one form or another. Now with wind power, Rogaland is once again the hardest hit. Around 100 licenses for wind power have already been approved across the country. Rogaland's share of these is a whopping 27. Many have already been built, but there is a large number waiting to be started within a very short time.

The development of Vardafjellet will both destroy a great hiking area, but will also destroy the local environment of many houses and farms on Sviland and around the facility with both noise and visual pollution, and the wind turbines will also be visible from many of our other popular hiking areas. It will not be possible to stand on a single mountain peak in the district without seeing the turbines from one of the many wind industry facilities in the district.

This is just the start of a number of other developments here in the district where one development is worse than the other. There will be several massive developments in Bjerkreim. The Sandnes wind power plant will continue from where Vardafjellet ends and continue further inwards, all the way to Svihus/Hommeland. However, the very worst development is the Gilja wind power plant, where it is large and massive and they have been given permission to build much higher turbines than they had originally applied for (as also on Vardafjellet). The Gilja wind power plant will be located right next to the Frafjordheiene landscape conservation area, and will also be right in the view when standing on the Pulpit itself. This will be a national disaster. The county governor has previously designated both the Frafjord hills and the area around the Preikestolen as having qualities for national park status. We will not destroy such unique natural areas in 2019.

This madness must be stopped. We cannot afford to destroy everything we have left of nature here in the district, the county and the country. And that only for a few kilowatts, which will then be exported abroad. This is nothing but pure madness and it must be stopped NOW!

Vardafjellet is our bulwark in the fight against the ravages of wind power. This is where the resistance starts and this is where we come together to save the rest of our nature from this mindless madness. If we don't stand up now, we have nothing to leave to our children or to future generations.

Meet at Vardafjellet. Together, we can show the whole world that we no longer accept this.

Vardafjellet is OUR VARDE!

Watch the animated film below:

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