The Environmental Protection Association to Frøya again

The war over wind turbines on Frøya is underway again.
On 10/5 -19, the message came that the County Governor in Trøndelag overruled Frøya Municipality's decision that the dispensation period for starting the wind project on Frøya had expired. A surprising decision, which was not expected by anyone at all. Trønderenergi immediately went out and announced a new start-up as soon as possible. This in turn led to the Action Group on Frøya starting to mobilize the resistance once again in Nessadalen, where the work is scheduled to start. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has again been asked to assist with the organization of the resistance, similar to the last time Trønderenergi was to start the work. We will of course help our good friends on Frøya, and on Monday sent our action and regional manager in Central Norway, Arne Roger Hansen, to Nessadalen to assist as best we can. In this article, we will continuously update how the case develops with news and photos from the action area.

The goal is as it has always been:
To prevent Trønderenergi and its partners from entering the area and destroying the wonderful coastal nature on Frøya for all time to come.

Norway does not need any wind energy, neither on Frøya nor elsewhere!

Last preliminary update on the position at Frøya:
After 3 days of partially successful actions, Trønderenergi was again at work with the rape of Frøya's nature. The campaigners did a formidable job of stopping the work from starting all day, and the machines stood still for a whole day. This for an unknown reason. But by Wednesday evening, Entreprenør had got hold of a new machine, and the work started too full again on Wednesday afternoon.

See video and pictures below:

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