Switzerland stopped!

Meløy municipality has finally chosen to say no to Svaice's plans to take ice from the Svartisen for use as ice cubes on e.g. cruise ship. The plans included extraction of ice from the glacier which was later to be transported out of the area by helicopter. The NMF reacted both to the fact that direct removal of ice from the glacier was to be implemented and at the same time that the business would pollute the area with extensive helicopter noise.

This will be completely unacceptable for both residents of the area and not least all the tourists who wanted a peaceful trip on Svartisen in Saltfjellet/Svartisen National Park. NMF's local environment group in Meløy has done a good job of complaining about the plans that were available.

NRK article: Meløy puts its foot down for luxury ice cubes

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