Ongoing campaigns on Haramsøya

The ongoing actions have already attracted more than twice as many police and guard resources as the actions against the Monster masts in Hardanger.

This unnecessary development of unstable and environmentally damaging wind power far out against the sea gap outside Ålesund is something that has upset people all over the country. This is not just about a small local community, but about an important part of Norway and about caring, and about unity to take care of something that is so much bigger and more important than ourselves.
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The Norwegian Environment Protection Association is in place

A hard-pressed local population on Haramsøya is fighting a valiant battle against what can be described as nothing less than an abuse from the municipally owned Zephyr and from public authorities. The last resort is civil disobedience, which is a legal form of action protected by Norwegian legislation.

The ongoing actions are nothing more than the result of an in-depth frustration of having their entire local community turned upside down and destroyed, and of never being seen or heard. Here, our authorities have completely failed in their most important social task, namely to look after all citizens and thus ensure a good living and neighborhood environment for everyone. The administration has failed the people by unilaterally looking after business interests which are themselves located in completely different parts of the country or from abroad.

The interests and needs of the local population have been completely overlooked, despite the fact that they have raised many important complaints and a large number of documented gross procedural errors. Important laws and regulations are disregarded and broken for the one-sided benefit of a few who will take the local natural resources on other people's property and put the profits in their own pockets. Then it is not at all strange that ordinary ordinary people find no other way out than to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with society's grossly unfair treatment through legally protected civil disobedience.

More local shareholders in the lake vs. 5 police cars, 7 cars from Securitas + the two permanently stationed in the area, and a boat from Ålesund Havnevesen

Nearly 70 police and security forces were called out in connection with today's action. The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association is also present to show our support for Haramsøya and the many wonderful people who are now using civil disobedience to show their displeasure with society's abuse. It is quite special that it is actually Drammen municipality and Viken county municipality that, together with a number of other eastern country municipalities that, through their company Zephyr, are now using force to destroy Haramsøya. In comparison, there were 30 police officers below the demonstrations against the Monster masts in Hardanger.

That this is something that upsets people both locally and across the country is beyond any doubt. Now it is high time our authorities realize what a mistake they have committed and put an end to these unnecessary and insane environmentally destructive wind power developments. The people have had enough. More than enough!!!

The promotions are ongoing, more information to follow...

See more about the actions on Haramsøya in the media:

This matter is being updated, stay tuned…

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