Salmar AS promises to clean up after notification

The breeding company Salmar AS is now cleaning up tanks, nuts and other toxic polluting and littering remains at its decommissioned facility in Nordreisa in Troms. The statement comes from CEO Olav-Andreas Ervik after the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association reported the company to the police last week.

It was at the site in Rotsund that the Environment Protection Association, via local tipsters, came across large quantities of remains from the company's previous activities. (see pictures) Browse 4 tank facilities, multiple cubic meters with copper-impregnated nuts, wharf facilities that are about to collapse into the sea, etc.

This is shocking, and the worst thing is that it has been allowed to lie fallow and unhandled for so long, says head of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association Kurt Willy Oddekalv, who visited the site on 16 July. It is appropriate that the management of the company has now promised to clear this up very soon, says Oddekalv. There is reason to believe that the nuts have already spread significant amounts of copper into the natural environment with negative effects.

Breach of a number of laws and regulations
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency reported Salmar for breaching the Criminal Code, the Pollution Act and the Aquaculture Operation Regulations.

The Penal Code on serious environmental crime
The tanks, which contain unknown substances that can be toxic and explosive, are a direct danger to the health of the mother as the area is not cordoned off. Especially dangerous for minors.

The Pollution Act
The dumped farming nuts are impregnated with copper which, due to its toxicity, directly pollutes the natural environment through direct runoff. This is highly objectionable by the former owner/operator of the plant.

The Aquaculture Operation Regulations
The regulations are quite clear that facilities must be cleaned no later than 6 months after the activity has ended. The plant in Rotsund has been lying fallow for years and is an example of gross non-compliance with the regulations that have been created specifically for the industry.

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