Stop the deer - don't shoot!

Complaint about a license to kill deer in Vaksdal municipality

The Environmental Protection Association cannot accept that it is opened for the felling of 5 deer in Vaksdal municipality. Felling 5 out of nearly 200 animals will not remedy the damage potential that is used as an argument for hunting. Perhaps the fence around the plot of land should be higher?

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association (NMF) refers to a felling permit for up to 5 deer at Fosse in Eksingedalen in Vaksdal municipality. The background for the permit is an application from farmer Gaute Øvstedal, who is bothered by deer entering farmland, trampling and eating the farm's fodder. The farmer has fenced and tried to scare the animals, without success.

Deer farming is carried out in several places in the country and they manage to keep the animals on the right side of the fence. Maybe it should be invested in higher fences? Higher fences usually help. This would probably be the best solution. Since this grazing pressure of deer on pasture is probably not of recent date, perhaps the farmer, the municipality and hunting teams should also work for increased hunting quotas for deer.

The deer, like all wild animals, will be in search of food. Cultivated land will then also be popular. The NMF cannot see that a withdrawal of 5 animals (only young animals and older bucks) will have anything to say as a problem solver. There are a lot of deer in Vaksdal, perhaps between 150 and 200 animals. A withdrawal of only 5 selected animals will not be able to remedy the farmer against damage to the fodder for his animals. The piece of land is clearly popular with the deer. The animals that are not shot will probably move to the site at the next opportunity anyway. The possibly shot animals will in any case be able to be replaced by other animals. What do you do then?

In the forests of Vaksdal today, there are many pregnant colts. A hunt, now in the spring, will disturb and cause unrest for all deer. This is certainly not good for the pregnant colts. This is both undesirable and unethical and a clear violation of Section 15 of the Natural Diversity Act. You must not disturb the animals during the breeding season. A pregnant colt is very vulnerable when she is as heavy with a calf as now. Stress as a result of hunting can cause up to several colts to miscarry. It is certainly not desirable.

The NMF does not see it as appropriate to allow the felling of deer in Vaksdal. Killing 5 animals will not remedy the problem. Maybe the farmer should invest in higher fences? The NMF demands that the damage deduction permit be withdrawn.

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