NMF reports contractor for dangerous use of chainsaw

On Friday 12 April 2019, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association filed a report against contractor Berre Nilsen A/S for dangerous and unreasonable use of a chainsaw during construction work in Hestdalen, Flatanger.

It was on 10.04.19 that the contractor company sent in 5 men in Hestdalen to start removing trees and bushes in connection with Trønderenergi wanting to pepper Sørmarkfjellet with 34 monster turbines. Also on Sørmarkfjellet, similar to Frøya, demonstrators have engaged themselves against this destruction of Norwegian nature, and there were many people in the area when the cutting of bushes and trees began. The employees of Berre Nilsen A/S did not care much if they were working with people in close proximity, and NMF believes that working with chainsaws was therefore dangerous for those in the area.

Read the review here.

Media reports: Report contractor for hazardous work

See video footage of the work close to people, here:


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