The battle against monster turbines in Finnskogen is underway

On Easter Monday, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association campaigned together with local opponents of the plans for 13 monster turbines on Finnskogen / Finnskogleden in the Kjølberget area.

Jan-Hugo campaigned in Kjølberget.

The issue of turbines at Finnskogen rests on a previously granted license which must now be implemented. NMF repeats its claim that no new wind power must be built in Norway as there is no need for this energy and that the interventions can in no way be defended.

The Finnskog trail is a unique nature and historical area
The 214-240 km long forest area along the border with Sweden has great historical, natural and cultural historical values. Blue. Torsby municipality in Sweden has objected to the plans.

Mobilizing now
NMF is now mobilizing the locals, both associations and private individuals in the region, and is holding a public meeting at Scandic Elgstua in Elverum on 1 May at 1800.


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Public meeting poster - Elverum

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