The armed forces and the navy have launched a beach clean-up project

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association is proud to have inspired the Norwegian Defense Forces for the beach clean-up project, says Kurt Oddekalv, leader of the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association. The beach zone around Ulsnes was cleaned after an inquiry from us to the defense if we could be allowed to have a group of volunteers with us on a beach clean-up along the beach zone controlled by the defense when we were in Stavanger during this year's beach clean-up tour with the Environmental Queen.

Since this is a defense area and also NATO's joint operational training center (Joint Warfare Center - JWC)'s temporary training facility, it was not possible to let NMF with volunteers loose in the beach zone. However, the Norwegian Defense Forces accepted our request and promised to clean it up themselves as soon as possible. The beach zone has now been cleared, both at Ulsnes and a number of other places as a result of our inquiry. We are of course very satisfied with this and therefore want to give the defense an attention in the name of the environment, so we had a chat with:

When did the project start?
Our project started in May 2018, where we specifically investigated whether there were personnel available who could participate.

What was the background?
Like question 1, where we also see that it is necessary to keep our own areas tidy and maintained.

Where have you cleaned?
At Hundvåg outside Stavanger, the defense has a base called Ulsnes, and this is where we have cleared.

How much (m2)/tonne in total?
We have a shoreline of approximately 1200m. It was cleared from the shoreline and five meters up on land. In total, this amounts to 6000m2. We filled 1.5 10m3 containers.

Why is the Norwegian Armed Forces getting involved in this?
We have a focus on the environment and environmental management, and saw this opportunity as very favorable in relation to the total mention that was given At the same time, we see that we also collect a lot of waste that we don't want to be here.

What has been found the most in terms of waste type/trend/ranking?
Mostly driftwood was found, and then all kinds of material. There was also a lot of soft and hard plastic. We also picked up a lot of rope, styrofoam and fiberglass, as well as the remains of a dinghy.

Who have you collaborated with?
This has only been an internal matter, where we will carry out something similar in the spring.

How often will you clean the beach?
We aim to carry out similar measures once a year.

Is environmental protection important to the defence, and if so why?
Yes, environmental protection is important for the Armed Forces. the surroundings we travel in, among other things to maintain a good reputation, so that we have the opportunity to practice in places we normally don't. exercise Trident Juncture, which starts this autumn.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is very grateful that the defense takes the environment seriously and is able to follow up inquiries so quickly and efficiently. It benefits the residents around Ulsnes, who get a clean environment, animal and bird life in the area, the environment and not least the defense itself, who get a clean area they can be proud of!

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