The death of farming - no surprise for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


Today's salmon death does not come as a surprise. The Norwegian Marine Research Institute covers the farming industry's extreme pollution of our fjords. Farming death from algae blooms is due to the farming facilities' fertilization of the fjords. The farm can thank itself for this situation, says Kurt Oddekalv.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency publishes environmental facts about salmon farming in Norway. We have been working on the report for four years, and have dived under 45 farms, 22 of which were contaminated, and we have taken samples of bottom mud from 14 farms. You can read about the result in the report, says Kurt Oddekalv, head of the Environmental Protection Association.

Read the report and watch a video about salmon farming:

Environmental facts about Norwegian salmon farming 2019

 Salmon report video selection


Watch the film presenting Environmental Facts:
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