Another partial win at Frøya

Today, the Ministry of Local Government came out with a report on the temporary suspension of the work to convert parts of the island of Frøya into an industrial area filled with wind turbines. This after the day started in the worst possible way when 10-12 police officers began emptying the whole of Sør Frøya of hikers. The police ran after people far outside the prohibited area to obtain personal information, and threatened them with summons if they appeared in the area in the next 24 hours.

The Environmental Protection Association has been in contact with its good friends at Frøya throughout the day to assist with advice and guidance on how to deal with the use of force by the police. The tent camp was also demolished by the police.. The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association has now tried in several rounds to help the population on Frøya both with advice and by obtaining important information about, among other things, the Smølalirypa which is only found in this area. The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association has also been physically present with the activists several times to help with the organization of the resistance. We believe that what is happening now shows that it is useful to show resistance to wind power. Both politicians, and not least the Norwegian population themselves, see that this total destruction of Norwegian Nature by peppering our beautiful mountains with wind turbines to make money is not something that can be accepted at all.

The Norwegian Environmental Protection Association is proud to be involved in this fight, which is now taking place across the country. And we are particularly proud to be involved in the fight against wind turbines on beautiful Frøya together with our good friends who live on this island.

See the decision from the Ministry of Local Government here:

Work on the wind farm on Frøya is temporarily halted

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